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Welcome to Small Channel Helper

The purpose of this website to help new or smaller YouTube creators grow their channels through shared hints, tips, and tricks. 

What is a “small” channel? Any channel with less than 5000 subscribers. By the way, we welcome the “Big Guys” here, also. They all started off with a small channel so any insight from them on how to grow a channel is most welcome.

We discuss legal means of growing your channel. YouTube has gotten pretty good at sifting out the illegal ways (methods that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service), like subscriber and viewer buying, sub-for-sub, etc. Most of these methods do not create loyal subscribers. People will sub for your sub and then run away.

The Forum is the place to share your ideas, embed your latest video – so you can get honest feedback before you post, and provide encouragement to your fellow creators. 

This site is free and it will remain free as long as possible. There are currently no plans for premium areas. That is subject to change but it is not in any current plan for this site. Everything that is currently free will not be converted to a premium area. 

Share this site with your friends and fellow creators. There is strength in numbers. 

Enjoy the site. Play nice. Don’t spam.

For any questions or concerns, you may contact the site administrator here: admin@mbbarrett.com